Baseball Card Display Information

Baseball cards and other vintage collectables are easier to enjoy when they can be shared. Like fine works of art this can be achieved by safely displaying cards at home. Vintage cards and memorabilia make for great conversation pieces and it's always fun to show off your passion. However, it's important to consider many factors when choosing an appropriate room to display your cards.

Ultraviolet light presents by far the biggest threat to the preservation of baseball cards while on display. Several steps can be taken to reduce the potential damage from UV light such as the use of UV protective glass, displaying cards in rooms without natural light or minimal indirect sunlight, avoid florecent lighting and rotate cards on display periodically.

Other environmental factors like temperature and humidity need to be taken into consideration when putting baseball cards on display. The goal is to maintain a consistent environment to minimize the stress on vintage materials. This can be achieve with some planning and the use of tools such as silica gel packs.

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